Thursday, October 3, 2013

A further email to YouTube - 3 October 2013

To the YouTube Copyright Team

I refer to our respective emails of 14 September and 12 September 2013.  This email adopts the definitions used in my email of 12 September.
I have not yet received a response to my email to you of 14 September. Would you please indicate when you will provide a response.
In your email of 14 September you stated: "you may resolve this issue directly with the claimant at ******** and *********".
On 14 September, I sent emails, on which you were copied, to both of the email addresses you have provided.  Those emails requested responses within seven days.  I have received no responses from either address nor have I received any acknowledgement of receipt of my emails.
From my Copyright Notices page, it appears that the copyright claim of "UMG" in respect of the 2012 US Presidential Election video is no longer maintained.  However, the copyright claim in respect of the 2007 Australian Federal Election video remains in place and I remain unable to appeal it.

Again I request that you respond as a matter of urgency to the specific questions I have asked by my earlier emails.

Kind regards
Hugh Atkin

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