Monday, August 20, 2012

Song of Mitt's Self - Where the seams are

First, a big thanks to everyone who has been sharing my new "Song of Mitt's Self" video. A commenter on boingboing asked me to detail where the audio is from and where the cuts are. Here's the breakdown for those who are interested.

The audio is taken mainly from different interviews, but also from a couple of speeches and debates. I used the C-SPAN and Fox News online video archives, both of which allow you to search time-indexed transcripts.
I often only made short clips of the source audio and didn't keep a record of the full context, you can at least say where the cuts are.
  • I don't get that spot...
  • folks who don't really know who I am
  • I don't know what the real reason was
  • tell people what I believe
  • I served as governor for four years
  • Like a mini-skirt he said it was short and revealing [recalling how his father described one of his own campaigns]
  • I was very clear
  • she was liberal
  • but I remember
  • I was conservative
  • who were conservative as well
  • Obviously he knows I'm pro-life
  • but I remember
  • they'd had no difficulty supporting my dad
  • abortion
  • and then in the January inauguration time period
  • I decided to stay
  • of considering a run for national office
  • and don't have an idea why [talking about leadership styles, basically saying that someone told him he was a natural leader who lead without knowing why]
  • Everybody I talked to said it's a bad idea [talking about Staples]
  • but I remember
  • I love debate
  • with debate and disagreement over issues
  • and in the case of Obamacare
  • say I disagree with this
  • let me correct myself
  • I supported the concept of the stimulus
  • the idea of an individual mandate or individual responsibility
  • but I remember
  • I oppose the, uh
  • it's quite different than what the President did
  • And also with regards to gay marriage, I was very clear. I was opposed...
  • I looked at some of his policies and said "Gosh, I have exactly the opposite view today" [Talking about Teddy Roosevelt - the edit here was to drop "of my" in place of "of his"]
  • One reason of course is that I hope to represent all Americans.
  • And I think the American people have concluded as I have.
  • the states have differences between them.
  • we have differing views about how to express that love
  • And I agree with the dissent.
  • voice for the American people.
  • I believe in America.
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JD Atkerson said...

Here is a short clip for you out of context....

F>U> short enough??

Unknown said...

Definitely short enough.